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Gearonic(TM) is a registered trademark at the US Patent & Trademark Office. Please enter the information below at www.uspto.gov for more details on the Gearonic trademark. Please note that unauthorized use or representation of Gearonic Brand is strictly prohibited.

Serial Number 85727040
Registration Number 4485966

Gearonic Authorized Resellers and Partners

We've worked hard to obtain excellent partners with some of the biggest names in retail. Our team set out to establish partnerships with recognizable names customers can identify and trust. Through our working experience with big-name resellers, we continue to learn how much our goals are aligned, and that's to deliver quality products to the consumer. Our partners have helped us gain product and brand recognition while providing a continuous opportunity to extend our reach. Our authorized resellers have been instrumental in our growth and we constantly strive to provide them products they can sell with confidence.

Why buy from a Gearonic Authorized Reseller?

Retailers in the Gearonic Authorized Resller list strive to deliver an excellent customer experience that helps you make the right choices. And they can assist in delivering the quality products and service you deserve when you buy a Gearonic product.

Gearonic honors its limited product warranties only when the products are purchased from an in-network reseller. Purchasing Gearonic products out-of-network places puts Gearonic customers at risk. These customers may receive products that are counterfeit, used, defective or not designed to properly operate. We urge Gearonic customers to protect themselves and their Gearonic products by purchasing from an in-network reseller.

We encourage you to look for the Gearonic Authorized Dealer Logo wherever you shop.

The Gearonic Authorized Reseller assurance

When you purchase Gearonic consumer products from retailers within Gearonics's Authorized Resellers, you can be assured you are not purchasing products that may have been altered or tampered with, which could void the limited warranty that accompanies Gearonic products.

In addition, there have been reports of some out-of-network retailers selling used products as new. As we have no relationship with these entities, if you experience any difficulty with their service, we may be unable to assist you.

Buying Gearonic products from a reseller in the Gearonic Authorized Reseller will assure you have the best customer experience when purchasing a Gearonic product.

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